Frank is a male human character. He appears in Theme Song from The Fairly OddParents

Appearance Edit

Physical appearanceEdit

The Fairly OddParents: Frank has pale blue skin. He mostly in obese. He has bright blue snatcher hair. He has black rectangular eyebrows, white eyes, a pointy nose, white teeth. He wears a bright blue t-shirt with a football on it and blue pants.

The Fairly OddPrimates: Frank has brown fur. He mostly in obese. His face, ears, hands and feet are a light tan color. He has black rectangular eyebrows, white eyes, nostrils and a white teeth. He wears a dark-orange t-shirt with a coconut on it and brown pants.

The Fairly Ninja Friends: Frank (Female) has fair skin. She has brown hair and white eyes. She wears a tan-gray t-shirt and dark blue pants.

The Fairly OddParents (Go Animate): Frank has fair skin. He wears a dark blue-and-white cap. He has brown hair and black eyes. He wearing a pair of black sunglasses. He wears a blue shirt, black pants, white socks and black sneakers.