Sister is a female human character with her two hands goes up-and-down. She appears in Theme Song in The Fairly OddParents.

The Fairly OddParents Edit

Sister was laughing she arms out of hands instead goes up-and-down at Timmy was miserably rides in the School Bus.

Appearance Edit

Physical appearance Edit

The Fairly OddParents: Sister has indigo skin. She has black hair in pigtails out her light blue bows. She has white eyes with three eyelashes, a pointy nose, freckles. She wears a lighter blue shirt and darker blue pants. The ears is missing in the old version, the ears is found in the new version.

The Fairly OddPrimates: Sister has brown fur. She has light tan face with missing ears. She has white eyes with three eyelashes, nostrils, freckles on her head to the right. She wears a orange t-shirt.

The Fairly Ninja Friends: Sister has fair skin. She has brown hair and white eyes. She wears a blue shirt with dark blue pants.