Timothy Tiberius "Timmy" Turner is a 10 year old boy and son of Dad and Mom. He is best

Timmy as he appears in Oh Yhea cartoons.



friends with Chester and A.J. and has three Fairy Godparents named Poof, Cosmo, and Wanda. Appearance:Timmy is a kid with buck teeth,blue eyes,and pink hat and shirt. He is sometimes teased for his buck teeth. Personality:in the episode Fairy Idol,he was shown to be quite lazy. However,he is usually hard-working,but his work is never rewarded. Normal life:life normally is hard for Timmy.His father is stupid,his mother is a terrible cook,and his babysitter is evil.

Antagonistic side:sometimes Timmy is mean to others,normally his godparents by overwishing. Friends:Aj,Chester,Cosmo,Wanda,Poof